Top 7 Outdoor Amenities That Attract Renters

By Sarah Pritch

The majority of renters aren’t looking for fancy, top-notch outdoor amenities. Simple property upkeep is more important in most cases.

But when competition is stiff or a property is lacking in other key areas, certain outdoor amenities just might attract renters who wouldn’t otherwise give your property a second glance. I’ve compiled a list concerning mostly townhouses and single family homes, with some apartment and condo amenities thrown in, as well.

Here goes.

Rental Amenities That Wow Prospective Tenants

1. Covered or Assigned Parking

In locations where weather can be unpredictable or parking is scarce, covered or assigned parking is a big deal. For instance, we get a good bit of hail in our area, so covered parking is highly desired to avoid hail damage. Another area I own in is susceptible to high winds and hurricanes. Garages and car ports can do a lot to attract renters in these regions.

Assigned parking close to the building can be highly sought-after, too—especially by renters who have to carry children or want to avoid lugging items such as groceries a long way. Parking in an area that’s safe and reserved for only the renter is even better.

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2. Fenced Yard

Flowers, water features, and fire pits are all great additions to a yard, but renters may or may not have the desire or capacity to care for them. Having a fenced yard, however, is highly desirable for families with children. It’s also attractive to tenants who have pets (so long as you allow those). The added privacy is a bonus for all renters, as well.

3. Storage

If you have outdoor storage sheds or more closets than would be expected, be sure to mention it when advertising your property. Plentiful space to store items is a rarity for renters, even though almost everyone needs it.

Storage space can be a perk for anyone who used to pay for a storage unit but is now prioritizing saving money (maybe for buying a house). Others might be in-between homes and temporarily downsizing (i.e., have way too much for an apartment).

Prospective tenants who are keen on outdoor activities will also highly value a place to put their big items, like bikes, skis, camping gear, and more. And essentially everyone with lots of stuff would love the flexibility to access their extra items instantly as opposed to storing them somewhere a car ride away.

4. Keyless Entry

The ease of punching in a code or waving a key fob in front of a sensor to enter a door can be a great perk. It’s nice to not necessarily have to be home while a handyman comes by or a guest arrives, too.

Keyless entry also cuts down significantly on lock-out calls. Systems in which you can offer handymen or other guests a temporary code, and also have a master code for yourself, are the very best option.

5. Security

I own a condo in a safe neighborhood, but one where it’s not uncommon for vagabonds to try spending the night in the buildings. For this reason, gated entries, security patrol, and other safety features like security systems are very attractive to renters. What’s more, these features offer better peace of mind to prospective tenants—regardless of the neighborhood.

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6. Snow Removal and Lawn Care

Many HOAs provide snow removal, but when that’s not the case, it’s a great idea to offer this for rental homes (whether single or multifamily). The less tenants need to do, the more bang for their buck they perceive they’re getting.

If possible, also include lawn care and landscaping. Not only is this a perk for renters, you can also ensure the city doesn’t fine you for having an unruly yard. It will do a lot for a property in terms of curb appeal, too.

7. Community Pools, Recreation Centers, and Parks

Outdoor amenities, such as rec/fitness centers, pools, playgrounds, and parks, are extremely attractive to renters. One condo I own has a clubhouse that can be used to host events, a movie theater, and free wifi, as well as access to a pool and park. The park has playgrounds, picnic benches, and BBQs.

Tenants rave about these features. It’s a great way to make their rental feel more like a home.


There are plenty of outdoor amenities renters enjoy, but the interior of a property should obviously be more of a focus for investors. Nevertheless, properties that are attractive inside and outside can grab the attention of prospective tenants and give renters a reason to choose your property over others they’re considering.

To get the most out of what’s available on or near your property, be sure to advertise outdoor amenities well. Potential tenants will remember you for it!

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