How do I apply for a property and become a tenant?

  1. Please call us with any tenant questions and set up property viewing.
  2. We want to meet you!  Please call us to arrange a property viewing appointment before we process your application.
  3. Great you want to apply?  Here is what we require:
    • All individuals over the age of 18 must complete a rental application, a credit check and background check.  The fee will be $30.00 per person.
    • Income levels required will vary by property and owner criteria.  A minimum of 1.5 -3 times the rental rate will be required.
    • All income must be verifiable.
    • All applicants are required to have a landlord reference that can be used to verify rental history.
    • Credit reports will be examined carefully.  A good credit history is important however we will look at the report as a whole to determine credit worthiness.
    • Please look at listings of individual properties for pet policies. An additional pet deposit will be required per pet for properties that allow pets.
    • All properties managed through TK Property Group are NON-SMOKING of any substance inside the residence and in shared community areas.
  4. All applications are accepted equally and are evaluated with the same criteria.
  5. Upon completion of the application process, we will present your application to the property owner for their final approval.
  6. When your application has been approved, we will welcome you as a new tenant and the move in process will begin!
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